Strategic Health Check

Determine the status of your business

Directxec performs Strategic Health Checks to clients to evaluate the status of the business, look at positives and challenges and determine the overall state of the employees in the company.

The main focus of the exercise is to determine strategic objectives for the business and to operationalize it with detailed quarterly goals, actions and performance management contracts.


Company Analysis

A company analysis according to Client focus, Internal company relationships, Supplier relationships, Revenue, Profits, Cash Flow, Skills development, Value propositions, Competitors analysis and Macro environment is completed along with confirmation and mapping of your vision, mission and values.

Future Roadmap

 Well formed Strategic Objectives will be defined per perspective for the three years. Detailed quarterly plans and actions will then be compiled and responsibilities assigned. This is a critical task as it ensures that the strategic objectives are aligned to its execution and enables the operationalization of         the strategy.

Climate Survey

Our online surveys determine employee satisfaction and engagement in the company. Do they feel their contribution is meaningful and are their objectives clear? All these factors lead to a happy, motivated and productive workforce. Our surveys are based on benchmarked questions that will give the client a clear understanding of where they stand with their employees.


PNI is short for PsychoNeuroImmunology and refers to how your mind states, positive or negative, affect your immune system. PNI focuses on the meaning and purpose of your work, personal and inter-personal relationships and recreation.  Meaning relates to purpose and has a direct effect on your immune system          and wellness.

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