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It is important to see your business as a whole – the big picture. Without doing so from time-to-time it is easier than you think to forget about a certain income stream or to miss an opportunity.

With Directxec the first step is to build your Company Structure. It becomes the core of the following modules in the system as it forces you to consider all aspects of your business. In addition, this highly dynamic tool allows you to edit the structure while retaining all data, as is often necessary once the strategy has been completed.



Creating your business strategy may be the single most important task you do. When done effectively, your strategy will act as your guide, leading your toward your goals and ultimate objectives.

Directxec allows you to define what your business is all about and to explore the coming years in reference to four perspectives: Skills Development, Internal Processes, Clients and Financials. Complete and refer back to your Vision, Mission and Values; check in with your Company Analysis and follow your Future Roadmap to ensure the success of your business.

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Goals & Performance Management

While yearly objectives are important, it is the collection of completed Quarterly Goals and Actions that pave the way toward achieving these milestones. The Goals and Actions module lets you unpack your Strategic Objectives into smaller Goals with even smaller Action Steps.

Each of these is allocated to a specific team member with a deadline, which is monitored using the Performance Management tool, allowing you to assess your team’s effectiveness based on actual tasks rather than their “people skills.”

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When all is said and done, the bottom line is what makes or breaks a business. While Directxec is not an accounting tool, it has powerful financial modules.

Budget, Actuals & Projections can be input manually or via an Excel spreadsheet and relay into eye-opening reports that provide you with clarity on all fronts. The reports may be high-level, looking at the whole business, or specific, targeting a certain income stream as roll-ups are automated.

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HR and Sales & Tracking

Each employee is listed along with their payment, leave and miscellaneous history under the HR module. For your convenience you can download a Law Compliant Employee Contract from this module.

Further more, you are able to keep track of all deals consulted by your staff with the Sales Tracking tool. Multiple deals are listed under each client, with status colour coding and notes for easy and quick progress interpretation.

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